Newamstar Delivers High-speed Combibloc Production Line To Dome Group

DOME is one well-known water brand in Saudi Arabia. Thanks to their abundant and high-quality water resource and unique diamond-shape bottle design, DOME wined a lot of fans from local heated competitions and also a series of awards from international markets. Combibloc

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The customized BFC Combibloc solution for customers, meets requirements of fully automatic production level

In 2014, banana milk caused a yellow whirlwind in China’s milk beverage market. Since the beginning of this year, major dairy companies have launched related products, making banana milk quickly become the focus in the industry. Youyang banana milk stood out quickly to occupy the market, winning sale of 100 million. In 2015, the demand for Youyang banana milk was increasing, and the original production capacity was not enough. Youyang company learned from many aspects, as a leading enterprise in the field of liquid packaging machinery, Newamstar has a strong overall strength, which can guarantee the market sales of Youyang banana milk. At the same year, it cooperates with Newamstar for the first time. Newamstar provided one 24,000BPH ultra-clean BFC Combibloc production line for Youyang.

Compared with the hot filling line, the ultra-clean production line reduces the filling temperature, which can better retain the taste, flavor and other characteristics of the product. In the meantime, it can effectively save the cost of packaging materials and the cost of energy consumption. Because of its unique technology, it greatly increases the hygienic safety of the product in the production process, and the product quality is more secure.

In 2015, under the support help of the Newamstar, Youyang banana milk’s annual sales reached over 100 million yuan, Youyang banana milk product also won the 9th China food industry growth star “annual potential new product” title. In 2016, the sales of Youyang banana milk continued to grow, with the single product exceeding 200 million yuan, which became the real black horse in its category. In the first half of 2017, Youyang company achieved 35% growth. In addition, new bottled water products, glass bottled juice, and functional beverage products are growing rapidly, making the category layout of Youyang beverage more perfect and the product matrix more powerful.

Lu miao jun, chairman of Youyang company, said that a company must constantly upgrade its products to meet consumers’ needs if it wants to survive for a long time. In February 2017, in order to meet the needs of consumers, Youyang launched four new products of bottled water: Youyang Bulaoquan natural drinking water, fruit flavored soda water, Youyang juice water, pure soda water. Based on previous wonderful cooperation, Youyang chose Newamstar again, Newamstar provided one 36,000BPH blowing-filling-capping Combibloc smart production line for different water product.

The production line can also produces three different products of different characteristics of natural water, soda water and fruit water, which is also a chance of displaying Newamstar’s ability of innovation. The production line uses Newamstar’s latest blowing-filling-capping Combibloc technology, equipped with advanced technologies such as dry sterilization technology developed by Newamstar. Blending unit and water treatment unit are equipped with unique microbiological sterilization devices, which greatly enhance the product safety and reliability.

It is this kind of unprecedented innovation and pioneering that has created the position of Newamstar’s industry leader and its excellent market reputation. From Chinese manufacturing to Chinese wisdom, Newamstar leads the industry innovation trend, and forms the style of excellent quality, elegant taste and noble character.

In the future, Newamstar will be able to join hands with more and more elite enterprises in China’s beverage industry, brave the wind and the waves, and sailing together!

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The Combibloc line for large-capacity barrelled water of 15L disposable PET materials from Newamstar was tailored for Emeispring

With the rapid development of China’s economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, the awareness of drinking healthy water has gradually become rooted in consumers’ hearts. Water for cooking, water for tea, etc…. More and more people are inclined to choose bottled or barrelled water, which increased the sales of large-capacity packaging water. Compared to the bottled water with a higher consumption index, the barrelled water market has maintained a relatively single product model for a long time. More and more negative reports appeared, such as tap water filling, indefinite usage of the buckets, excessive bacterial index, deterioration for long-term non-drinking, limited range for transportation, non-standard production of small manufacturers and so on. All these reports have made the hidden danger of barrelled water more and more prominent, which has seriously affected the healthy development of the barrelled water industry. At the same time, the barrelled water industry is also faced with a series of severe tests, such as low profit, labor shortage in water delivery and strong influence from small bottled water. Therefore, this industry is calling for great revolution in technology and innovation. Combibloc

In order to solve the difficulties in the barrelled water industry, Newamstar, being the forefront of beverage packaging technology, was the first to introduce a blowing-filling-capping Combibloc line for large-capacity barrelled water of 15L disposable PET materials in 2016,which largely helped the natural mineral water project of Emeispring.

The Emeispring owns a thermomineral spring with a depth of 1652 meters and a wellhead water temperature of 49°C. This spring is rich in more than 20 kinds of minerals and microelements which are beneficial to people’s health, such as selenium, zinc, iron and strontium and so on. It has won the national reputation as “China’s high quality mineral water source” and national geographical indication products protection, named as extremely precious “natural mineral drinking water of strontium quality”. The deep mineral water of Emeispring has higher cost of mining than glacial water and spring water. It possesses rare and limited mining water source, higher water quality and richer mineral content. It has also been designated as “China’s deepest mineral water” by the China Mining Association expert group. At the same time, Emeispring also meets the conditions of light mine, low sodium and soft water. It is really a high-quality natural light mineral spring, which is very suitable for the whole family to drink and more suitable for mothers and babies.

Making drinking water healthier is making life better. The blowing-filling-capping Combibloc production line for large-capacity barrelled water of 15L disposable PET materials from Newamstar was tailored for Emeispring, which had a qualitative leap compared to the traditional barrelled water production line. This new kind of 2500 barrels per hour barrelled water production line adopted the technology of blowing-filling-capping Combibloc, which greatly improved the production capacity and production efficiency. The bottle blowing system employed advanced servo stretching technology to stabilize the disposable PET barrels. The filling system adopted the laser-fixing liquid level technology to solve a longtime problem of the uneven liquid level. The disposable PET bucket replaces the PC bucket and the packaging material is no longer recycled, which avoided secondary pollution. Moreover, Newamstar’s blowing-filling-capping Combibloc production line for large-capacity barrelled water of disposable PET materials can be compatible with barrelled water production from 4L to 15.2L, which achieved multi-purpose usage of one line and the wider application range of the equipment.

Today, the penetration rate of barrelled water in China has been increased to more than 30%, according to statistics and the consumption of barrelled water has arrived more than 30 billion yuan every year. So the market prospect for barrelled water is very broad. With the change of consumer’s consumption concept, barrelled water will be transformed into large-capacity PET packaging, and the new disposable PET barrelled water blowing-filling-capping Combibloc production line will usher in a larger stage. Experts in this industry believe that the launch of large-capacity barrelled water production line for disposable PET materials will gradually replace the traditional plastic bucket production line, make up for the high-end market of barrelled water and lead the brand-new pattern of barrelled drinking water market.

The stars are sparkling, lustrous and brilliant. Emeispring and Newamstar have been working together, being the challengers of the traditional plastic bucket industry and the pioneers of the disposable barelled water industry. They commit themselves together to bringing high-quality natural mineral spring drinking water service to consumers, to shouldering the responsibility of introducing the healthy drinking water to Chinese families, and to giving birth to a new glory in the new era of China’s beverage industry.

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Newamstar has become the only domestic supplier,who supplied high speed BFC Combibloc line for both large bottle and small bottle in Tibet

“Healthy life,accompanied by Huiyuan.” The brand of “Huiyuan”has already become the synonymous of the juice industry in China. In recent years, with the slowdown in the development of the juice market, Huiyuan Group has begun to pay more attention to the high-end water projects. This is an important step for Huiyuan Group to promote diversification, premiumisation, development and exploration of health. Combibloc

Tibet is known as the “Asia Water Tower,” almost ten thousand years of snow-capped mountains and glaciers and lakes, but still retains an aura of primitive purity. Tibet is one of the rare places to be developed and pollution-free in the world. The water contains many kinds of natural and trace elements, which is one of the best recognized water resources in the world. Huiyuan elaborately creates the “Zangjiang spring”, the water resouce comes from the Nyenchen Tanglha Mountain, it is 3,700 meters above the sea leve. Pure glacier water, deep underground for many years through the earth, carries a wealth of beneficial minerals and trace elements, rises along the fracture rock naturally. The original meaning of the word “Huiyuan” is “bringing together a better life and originating from natural nutrition”. It is the most beautiful gift of nature and also make ends meet with the implication of Huiyuan Group “Extracting Natural Essence, Fresh and Original”.

Through many rounds of technical communication and investigation by Huiyuan group, Newamstar stood out in the comparison with first-class suppliers abroad. Newamstar’s rich experience in the blowing-filling-capping Combibloc technology for big bottle water and equipment operation in high-altitude environment, two parties finally determined to establish cooperation relationship. Newamstar customized one 6,000BPH (4L) bottled water blowing-filling-capping Combibloc production line for Huiyuan Lhasa factory. From then on, Newamstar has become the only domestic supplier,who supplied high speed blowing-filling-capping Combibloc production line for both large bottle and small bottle in Tibet.

This customerized blowing-filling-capping Combibloc production line for Huiyuan Group, not only highly automated and with high operating efficiency, and its main features are as follows:

1. Newamstar blowing-filling-capping Combibloc Production line has taken into full consideration of the high-altitude factors.

2. Bottle blowing unit adopts new generation of energy-saving technology from Newamstar, not only to improve the heat utilization of heater, but also reduce the loss of high pressure gas.

3. The filling unit adopts the electronic laser controlled liquid level with non-contact filling, which facilitates the liquid level adjustment and meets the requirements of inland sales full filling and the normal liquid level in the surrounding areas of Tibet. In addition, the air purification unit of the filling unit is arranged to improve the cleanliness of the filling area.

4. Conveyor system considers the bottle body without reinforcing rib, and the weight of the bottle and other factors, the bottom of a large number of transmissions using the ball chain. With the cooperation of the variable frequency motor to reduce the delivery pressure to avoid product collision in the process of conveying.

Newamstar’s remarkable product and technology, the excellent quality of natural water in Tibet, the strong brand, perfect logistics system, smooth sales channels of Huiyuan Group, the perfect combination of the three aspects make “Zangjing spring” market prospects widely optimistic. We believe that Huiyuan Group will be able to make “Zangjing spring”become a popular natural product shared by cosumers all over China.

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