Newamstar Edible Oil Combibloc Boost Indonesian Edible Oil Market Upgrade

The Republic of Indonesia, abbreviated as Indonesia, is a Southeast Asian country connected to countries such as Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and Malaysia. Its capital is Jakarta. Indonesia is composed of more than 17,500 islands, nicknamed “The Country of A Thousand Islands.” With a population of nearly 262 million, it ranks fourth in the world only after China, India, and the United States. The climate type is a typical tropical rain forest climate with high temperature and rain throughout the whole year.

Indonesia is one of the founding countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, as well as the largest economy in Southeast Asia and a member of the G20. In Indonesia, Petroleum resources can achieve net exports, natural gas and tin reserves occupy an important position in the world, and biological resources are abundant.

Indonesia’s tourism industry is quite developed. The Monument for Liberation and the National Mosque on Jakarta’s Independence Square, the Hindu Buddha and Prambanan coexist in Yogyakarta, and the white fog in the active crater of Bromo volcano in Panggye , the lovely Komodo dragon on Komodo Island, the romantic blue waters and lover cliffs on Bali, the tears of the devil on Lembongan Island, the active volcano with the smell of blue flames and sulfur, the light of the mysterious cave ….. Numerous tourist attractions are located there.

Huge Edible Oil Market Potential

The integration of the international community and the promotion of tourism culture have given us a deeper understanding of Indonesia. Whether you visit the streets, , restaurants, and shopping malls of Indonesia, or browse the website, you can easily find that Indonesians have different eating habits from Chinese. The biggest difference is that they don’t like steamed food, but prefer fried food, such as fried grouper, fried snapper, fried banana, etc. Therefore, cooking oil has become an indispensable part of Indonesian life.

According to statistics, in 2019, Indonesia’s annual domestic edible oil production was about 14 million tons, of which 5.1 million tons were used to meet domestic demand, and the rest were used to supply foreign markets. As early as 2008, Indonesia overtook Malaysia and became the world’s largest palm oil exporter. It currently holds more than 50% of the global market share.

BKP Group Favors Newamstar

With the expansion of overseas business activities, we were fortunate to get acquainted with the Bina Karya Prima Group, Indonesia’s leading packaged edible oil supplier, whose products cover major supermarkets and stores in Indonesia. In view of Newamstar‘s deep customer base in the Indonesian market and excellent market reputation, BKP Group has a keen interest in in-depth cooperation with Newamstar. The management team of the group has visited China many times. As a leading company in the domestic liquid food packaging industry, Newamstar is their key observation object. After several times contacts, Newamstar‘s strong technology and R&D capabilities, advanced processing equipment, and professional service have made BKP Group firmly choose Newamstar as its partner, and Newamstar will tailor a 36,000 bottles/hour 1L high speed Edible Oil Filling Combibloc line for BKP Group.

Excellent Performance Wins High Praise from BKP Group

The entire high-speed Combibloc production line tailored for the BKP Group is equipped with the machines from Combibloc to automatic palletizing system. The production line is designed with reliable and flexible solutions. The blowing system adopts servo stretching, which makes it simple and reliable to switch bottle types; the filling valve adopts non-contact filling design and is equipped with advanced mass flowmeter for measurement, which not only ensures high-precision filling, but also guarantees product safety and sanitary; the capping adopts constant torque design, which makes the capping effect stable and consistent. Taking into account the actual local conditions, not only the blowing, filling and capping system uses energy storage motors, but the entire line of PLCs are all equipped with UPS protection, which minimizes the impact of power failure on the equipment.

The production line is equipped with visual inspection systems such as empty bottle inspection, empty cap inspection and full bottle inspection, which realizes the automatic inspection of products and effectively guarantees product quality. The entire production line is easy to operate and has a reasonable layout. It is not only compatible with the switching of different bottle types including round and square bottles, but also can switch between different packaging modes of film packaging and carton packaging. Newamstar fully automatic high-speed Single-column Palletizer perfectly realizes the automatic continuous operation of the high-speed Combibloc production line.

Newamstar has not only high-performance equipment, but also high-quality service. Newamstar‘s project team completed the installation and commissioning of BKP complete Combibloc line project in only one month, and delivered it to the customer on time, which won customer recognition and high praise. For this reason, BKP Group wrote a commendatory letter to praise the project team of Newamstar.

Improved Standards Bring Wonderful Prospects

In recent years, the Indonesian government has continuously strengthened its control over the safety of edible oil. In 2019, when Indonesian Minister of Trade Enggartiasto Lukita attended an event in Jakarta entitled “Launch the packaged edible oil and promote consumption of domestic product”, he stated, “By January 2020, the sale of bulk edible oil will no longer be allowed in stores. 50% of the edible oil that meets domestic demand is still bulk oil, and its cleanliness is not guaranteed from the perspective of production or distribution. The Ministry of Trade’s plan to convert bulk cooking oil to packaged cooking oil and it is part of the government’s strategic plan because the quality and safety are more assured.”

The Indonesian government’s move is undoubtedly beneficial to the health of consumers, and at the same time, it will also profoundly affect consumers’ consumption habits. As Indonesia’s leading packaged edible oil supplier, BKP Group is actively responding to government initiatives to provide consumers with safer packaged edible oil. As a strategic partner of BKP Group, Newamstar will also continue to support its production capacity increase. We look forward to providing BKP Group and more customers with high-quality equipment and first-class services in the future edible oil market in Indonesia, so that more consumers can enjoy healthy, safe and nutritious high-quality edible oil.

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Qianhe chooses Newamstar to provide two sets of high-end condiment production line

With the fast development of economy and improvement of living standard, health and delicacy has become core appeal for consumers. Natural and original products become more and more famous. High-end soy sauce, with characteristics of pure brewing, zero-adding and original, etc. becomes a trend in condiment market. Under such situation, Qianhe Condiment and Food wins rising period of zero-adding soy sauce with forward-looking vision. With first-mover advantage in zero-adding soy sauce market, Qianhe Condiment and Food wins increasing market share in high-end soy sauce market.

Founded in 1996, located at Meishan Sichuan hometown of Dongpo, Qianhe Condiment and Food is a listed company for producing condiments of high-qualified and healthy soy sauce, vinegar, cooking wine and etc.. Qianhe focuses on condiment market for more than 20 years, not only because of its high requirement to product quality, but also because of company’s strategic planning and market position. By the first to convey differentiation concept of zero-adding to consumers, Qianhe changes inherent impression for basic condiments, builds high-level image of Qianhe representing zero-adding and new healthy, makes consumers feel safe to buy and eat.

Following traditional brewing technical processing, revering original brewing taste, without using any food additives during production, Qianhe Condiment and Food creates new category of additive free in condiment field. Behind brave innovation, it is dialysis and mastery to the market and high standard and strict requirement to advanced equipment with intelligent, high-effective and stable running and safety.

Based on persistent pursuit to product quality, Qianhe Condiment and Food gives high approval to Newamstar technical R&D ability and corporate strength after times of full communication and thorough research. Customized advanced automatic production system solution by Newamstar wins affirmation of Qianhe. Finally, Qianhe chooses Newamstar to provide two sets of high-end condiment production line, that is 24,000BPH(500ml) glass bottled cooking wine & vinegar filling line and 12,000BPH(1.8L) PET bottled soy sauce & vinegar filling line. In 2018, Qianhe and Newamstar have second cooperation for three sets of brand-new automatic production line, based on both sides’ friendly cooperation and high-qualified product and high-efficient service from Newamstar.

The customized production line solution for Qianhe, with advance technology and rich experiences of turn-key project, meets requirements of fully automatic production level.

The filling system mainly adopts weighing filling technology, non-contact electronic filling processing with more safety and sanitation. The filling system will also record every bottled product’s filling weight in real time, with function of analysis and statistics. And feedback correction system ensures accuracy of filling precision. Menu type management will automatically match filling processing parameters to make sure different products automatically shift and meet production demand of multi-series of products. Filling system is equipped with HEPA filtration system to ensure hygiene class of filling environment and multi-efficient combined pre-treatment and sterilization solution for packaging materials to ensure hygiene level of packaging materials. Auto CIP system adopts strict cleaning processing, with automatically dummy-cup feeding without human intervention to realize automatically recycling cleaning.

At the aspect of customization, take as a example, 1.8L bottle with handle and cap adopt automatically positioning technology to ensure cap hinge and handle in the same position and bottle mouth in the opposite position for better user experience.

At the aspect of product appearance inspection and data safety tracking, the production line installs visual inspection system to ensure appearance quality and bottle & carton code tracking system to ensure product safety tracking, which is by scanning bar code on carton and QR code on bottle to track detailed data of production shift, date, raw materials and packaging materials, etc. to ensure product safety.

Downstream packaging system adopts flexible buffer platform to ensure buffer time between machines to improve production efficiency and decrease pressure among bottles to avoid influencing product appearance.

Main machines in the production line possess online communication function to realize remote communication, monitor running status data, remotely analyze, revise and optimize program to improve timeliness of trouble shooting.

High-speed automatic production line performs rhyme of delicacy, places ardent expectation, brings Qianhe products with originality to everywhere, inherits dietetic culture of Dongpo and conveys taste of happy life. Newamstar will cooperate with Qianhe to transmit mission of health and delicacy, guard food safety and create Chinese cuisine story.

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Newamstar PET Bottled Water BFC Combibloc Production Lines Running Smoothly In Korea Gangwon

The 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in Korea, made the world remember Pyeongchang County in Gangwon. Gangwon in Korea is a province in the northeast area. It is famous for scenic spots like natural scenery and hot springs, as well as being a place that can make people feel warm and intoxicated. Gangwon Deep Sea Water Company is located in this area as well. BFC Combibloc

Gangwon Deep Sea Water Company is located in the northern part of Gangwon province, along the Sea of Japan, with its back against Mount Kumgang. In PET bottled water industry in Korea, it is a young and dynamic company registered in 2006, while its ocean engineering and land engineering completed in 2008. Gangwon PET bottled water officially came into the market in 2009. The reason we mentioned about the ocean engineering is that the water produced by Gangwon company is not just the ordinary drinking water or natural mineral water. The raw water comes from 650m deep sea about 6km away from its factory. After being transported to water treatment plant through water pipes installed in deep sea, desalination and other treatment and packaging will be made.

According to experts’ research, there is no water pollution in deep sea because of no direct sunshine or plankton. The pure water, advanced processing technology, and unique marketing concepts make an unusual development way for Gangwon company.

Gangwon company made in-depth research on market and produced different types of bottled water according to characteristics of various groups of customers. It has products for infants and pregnant women, which includes the minerals in same proportion as amniotic fluid of Mg:Ca:K=3:1:1. The water can provide the most balanced minerals for human body. Excellent product quality, modern production facilities, and standardized management contribute a lot to Gangwons success. It was certified by FDA and IBWA in the second year after being a public company. It also has different marketing method compared to traditional offline sales, which is to get registration online and make door-to-door delivery. The unique product and special sales method make Gangwon water extremely popular in the industry and being the officially designated water for the 2010 G20 Summit.

The successful products are produced by customized automatic production line from Newamstar. In 2008, Newamstar and Gangwon signed the contract of ordering one 24,000BPH automatic PET bottled water BFC Combibloc production line, including blowing machine, filling machine, and other secondary packaging machines such as palletizer. Both two parties worked together and completed the installation and commissioning, put products on market as scheduled.

Newamstar has always been guided by technological innovation, and kept increasing investment to R&D, making continuous innovation and upgrading of products. The close cooperation between Newamstar and BUMYANG group also improves the service quality and increases market share in Korea. Newamstar has also built deeper relationships with ULLEUNG-DO, SANSU, COCA COLA, HYATT and other famous companies in Korea.

While developing rapidly, Newamstar still cares much about old cooperative partners. In 2016, Newamstar sent invitations to Gangwon management and technical team. During that time, they not only saw the China’s first 72,000BPH PET bottled water BFC Combibloc production line running smoothly in customer’s site which built by Newamstar, but also visited Newamstar’s R&D center and manufacturing base. The visit made them feel a lot and the rapid development of Newamstar reminded them of the development of China’s high speed train. They not only have great confidence about the future cooperation with Newamstar but also have confidence about China’s market, which they want to get rely on in order to better and faster develop company’s business.

In 2017, Gangwon Deep Sea Water Company started the project phase II. Based on long-term cooperation relationship, Gangwon chose Newamstar as its supplier for the new line of 24,000BPH BFC Combibloc turnkey production line. In order to ensure customer’s production plan, Newamstar delivered the whole set of machines and sent installation and commissioning team to the site in time. Even in Chinese New Year Holiday, the most important time during the year for people to get union with family members, Newamstar engineers worked day and night, completed the installation and commissioning work in time, and achieved recognition from customer with excellent machine quality and efficient service.

From 2008 to 2018, ten years’ innovation and cooperation make the friendship between Newamstar and Gangwon last longer. The mutual trust and genuine concern for each other become the model as cooperation between enterprises of the two countries. Inheriting the past and forging ahead into future, Newamstar and Gangwon Deep Sea Water Company will seek common development and work together to make brilliant achievement!

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Successful Production of Newamstar High-Speed BFC Combibloc in Korean Coca-cola

As we all know, Korea is one of the most developed countries in the world in manufacturing with its wide range of industries, more advanced technology, especially in ship-building, automobiles, electronics, chemicals, steel and some other industries that have an important position in the world. BFC Combibloc

Since Newamstar provided the first BFC Combibloc with 20 cavities for largest manufacturer of deep-sea water GANGWON in South Korea in 2008, we have supplied and installed dozens of production lines in South Korea. Especially in the field of high-end deep-sea water production lines, Newamstar firmly has occupied half of the market share, and in the field of high-speed BFC Combibloc, Newamstar’s market share is up to the top three. To win customer’s recognition in the field of industrial products, excellent product quality, advanced technology and efficient service localization, etc. must be several indispensable elements. In the highly competitive South Korean market, achievements not only result from research and development that Newamstar has been constantly put into, but also embodies the full recognition of Korean customers on Newamstar things.

As one of the world’s largest beverage manufacturer, Coca-Cola has been leading the trend of global drinks. On March, 2015, the Korean Coca-Cola Gwangju factory plans to introduce a set of 400BPM BFC Combibloc for its Coke, Fanta. In this tender, as the only selected Chinese supplier, Newamstar has competed with several European manufacturers.

After receiving requirements of Coca-Cola’s formal tender, Newamstar immediately organizes relevant technical team, makes detailed documents and a production line layout. Relying on Newamstar’s superior technology and advanced design concepts, with many years’ reputation accumulated in the Korean market, Coca Cola finally has chosen Newamstar as the equipment supplier. Currently, the machine has been already accepted by Korean Coca Cola. Advanced technology, stable performance and efficient energy saving have been unanimously praised by Korean Coca-Cola.

The high-speed carbonated equipment gets settled and highly recognized by Korean Coca Cola, which is confirmed again that Newamstar adheres to lead the market by technology and creates value for customers with services. We will continue to provide more high-quality products and services for the Korean market to help boost South Korean liquid food market better and faster development.

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Newamstar Edible Oil Filling Machine Helps COFCO Achieve Product Upgrading

With the continuous improvement of consumers’ pursuit of life quality, the demand for refinement, differentiation and diversification of future health consumer goods is becoming higher and higher. The edible oil industry is also affected by this trend. The innovation and iteration speed of edible oil products’ categories and packaging specifications have been faster and faster.

As a famous brand in edible oil industry, COFCO Fulinmen, in order to meet the market demand, focuses on the implementation of refined management, adopts order scheduling, and accelerates the turnover of inventory, which puts forward higher requirements for the flexible manufacturing of production lines, such as the efficiency and stability of equipment, production changeover time of different bottle specifications and intelligent information tracking. These have become the key technical indicators and contents of COFCO Fulinmen.

Based on the mutual trust and good cooperation foundation established with Newamstar for many years, COFCO Fulinmen has entrusted the edible oil packaging project to Newamstar, expecting to realize the flexible production of multi packaging specifications and bundled products with the help of Newamstar’s flexible packaging technology. For this reason, the two flexible production lines undertake the task of multi specification and bundling production, and one of the 4000 BPH (5L) edible oil filling line is compatible with 4L, 4.5L, 3.68L and 5.436L bottle specifications, while the other 4000BPH(900ml) edible oil filling line is compatible with 400ml and 700ml bottle specifications. At the same time, it also needs to realize the bundling of 5L and 400ml bottles and the bundling of 5L and 700ml bottles.

More than 20 people are required to deal with bundling in the traditional way. In the warehouse, the cartons of large and small bottles are disassembled, and then the small bottles are hung on the large bottles, and finally manually packed and palletized. This process is not only inefficient, but also needs to separate a lot of space to implement, and needs to deal with the transfer box, which consumes a lot of manpower, material resources, financial resources and time costs. Now, the solution provided by Newamstar is that after the products produced by the two production lines are converged, online bundling, automatic packing and automatic palletizing will be carried out automatically, which perfectly solves many existing problems for customers, and bundling can be realized on the existing packing machine and palletizing machine, saving equipment investment cost and land occupation space.

Separation of people flow and logistics

The implementation plan is centralized palletizing on the first floor, the second floor is the main line of filling and packaging, including the workflow from bottle blowing to carton sealing, while the third floor provides cartons, preforms, caps and top handles, which are sent to the relevant equipment of the production line on the second floor through specific conveying devices.

Green preservation technology

Before filling, nitrogen is used to replace the air at the bottle mouth to avoid oil oxidation, improve shelf life and ensure product safety.

Perfect visual inspection

Equipped with efficient visual inspection system for preform, label, filling, capping, top handle, it not only reduces the intervention and operation of personnel, and improve the efficiency, but also better ensure the product quality.

Docking intelligent control system

The flexible production line solution realizes the docking of ERP and WMS management system, intelligently tracks the equipment operation parameters and energy consumption data of the production line, so as to make the customer’s factory management more accurate, more intelligent and more convenient.

Diversified bottle-feeding system

The 5L packaging line makes the automatic bottle blowing compatible with the bottle-feeding system of out-sourced bottles, which can not only meet the high-speed production of main bottle types, but also meet the high-speed production of small batch out-sourced bottles. The out-sourced bottles enter into the bottle de-duster through the bottle-feeding system to remove dust by ion gas, so as to ensure the hygiene and cleanliness of the products.

Efficient and energy saving bottle blowing system

In the aspect of bottle blowing, Newamstar’s new generation bottle blowing technology is adopted. By using the servo stretching system and the new generation high-efficiency heating oven system, it can greatly save the consumption of high-pressure air and electric power. The quick-change device used in bottle blowing can enable users to quickly switch the bottle type to save changeover time.

Stable and accurate filling system

Weighing measuring is adopted for filling system, and the system is equipped with a suction device to ensure the filling accuracy, no dripping and sanitation of the filling environment. The configured weighing system has its own feedback system which can automatically adjust the weight to ensure the net weight of filling requirements.

Flexible secondary packaging system

It can not only realize the packing and palletizing of individual large and small bottles, but also realize the automatic binding of large and small bottles. Convenient switching and high automation meet the flexible packaging requirements of multi specification products.

Flexible palletizing system

The two edible oil packaging production lines share one robot palletizer to save space, and is convenient to switch palletizing format, which can meet the compatible production of multi specification products. The unified pallets distribution and empty pallets conveying system ensure that the existing production line and the new flexible production line can be used together, which improves the stability and ensures the smooth operation of multiple production lines.

Over the years, Newamstar has made continuous breakthroughs and innovations in the field of edible oil packaging technology. On the one hand, it has successively launched packaging solutions for the production line of high-speed blowing-filling-capping combi block for 5L large bottles and 500ml small bottles. On the other hand, combined with the whole life cycle of the production line, it has built an intelligent production line management system and product safety traceability system based on the edible oil industry to help customers realize operation monitoring, performance analysis, energy management, maintenance analysis, production reports, production tracking and other functions which can make production management more relaxed, convenient and intelligent.

With its insistence on product quality and continuous pursuit of product innovation, COFCO Fulinmen was awarded the honorary title of “Sponsor of China National Women’s Volleyball Team” in 2019. In the future, Fulinmen will continue to ensure the safety of National Cereals and oils, continue to focus on innovation, improve the nutrition and health standards of products, serve consumers with the quality of “Women’s Volleyball”, and let the people enjoy a healthy and comfortable life. In line with the mission of helping customers build ideal factories, Newamstar will continue to bring forth new ideas and help more customers realize more diversified innovation needs through strong R&D technology strength and rich experience.

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