Qianhe chooses Newamstar to provide two sets of high-end condiment production line

With the fast development of economy and improvement of living standard, health and delicacy has become core appeal for consumers. Natural and original products become more and more famous. High-end soy sauce, with characteristics of pure brewing, zero-adding and original, etc. becomes a trend in condiment market. Under such situation, Qianhe Condiment and Food wins rising period of zero-adding soy sauce with forward-looking vision. With first-mover advantage in zero-adding soy sauce market, Qianhe Condiment and Food wins increasing market share in high-end soy sauce market.

Founded in 1996, located at Meishan Sichuan hometown of Dongpo, Qianhe Condiment and Food is a listed company for producing condiments of high-qualified and healthy soy sauce, vinegar, cooking wine and etc.. Qianhe focuses on condiment market for more than 20 years, not only because of its high requirement to product quality, but also because of company’s strategic planning and market position. By the first to convey differentiation concept of zero-adding to consumers, Qianhe changes inherent impression for basic condiments, builds high-level image of Qianhe representing zero-adding and new healthy, makes consumers feel safe to buy and eat.

Following traditional brewing technical processing, revering original brewing taste, without using any food additives during production, Qianhe Condiment and Food creates new category of additive free in condiment field. Behind brave innovation, it is dialysis and mastery to the market and high standard and strict requirement to advanced equipment with intelligent, high-effective and stable running and safety.

Based on persistent pursuit to product quality, Qianhe Condiment and Food gives high approval to Newamstar technical R&D ability and corporate strength after times of full communication and thorough research. Customized advanced automatic production system solution by Newamstar wins affirmation of Qianhe. Finally, Qianhe chooses Newamstar to provide two sets of high-end condiment production line, that is 24,000BPH(500ml) glass bottled cooking wine & vinegar filling line and 12,000BPH(1.8L) PET bottled soy sauce & vinegar filling line. In 2018, Qianhe and Newamstar have second cooperation for three sets of brand-new automatic production line, based on both sides’ friendly cooperation and high-qualified product and high-efficient service from Newamstar.

The customized production line solution for Qianhe, with advance technology and rich experiences of turn-key project, meets requirements of fully automatic production level.

The filling system mainly adopts weighing filling technology, non-contact electronic filling processing with more safety and sanitation. The filling system will also record every bottled product’s filling weight in real time, with function of analysis and statistics. And feedback correction system ensures accuracy of filling precision. Menu type management will automatically match filling processing parameters to make sure different products automatically shift and meet production demand of multi-series of products. Filling system is equipped with HEPA filtration system to ensure hygiene class of filling environment and multi-efficient combined pre-treatment and sterilization solution for packaging materials to ensure hygiene level of packaging materials. Auto CIP system adopts strict cleaning processing, with automatically dummy-cup feeding without human intervention to realize automatically recycling cleaning.

At the aspect of customization, take as a example, 1.8L bottle with handle and cap adopt automatically positioning technology to ensure cap hinge and handle in the same position and bottle mouth in the opposite position for better user experience.

At the aspect of product appearance inspection and data safety tracking, the production line installs visual inspection system to ensure appearance quality and bottle & carton code tracking system to ensure product safety tracking, which is by scanning bar code on carton and QR code on bottle to track detailed data of production shift, date, raw materials and packaging materials, etc. to ensure product safety.

Downstream packaging system adopts flexible buffer platform to ensure buffer time between machines to improve production efficiency and decrease pressure among bottles to avoid influencing product appearance.

Main machines in the production line possess online communication function to realize remote communication, monitor running status data, remotely analyze, revise and optimize program to improve timeliness of trouble shooting.

High-speed automatic production line performs rhyme of delicacy, places ardent expectation, brings Qianhe products with originality to everywhere, inherits dietetic culture of Dongpo and conveys taste of happy life. Newamstar will cooperate with Qianhe to transmit mission of health and delicacy, guard food safety and create Chinese cuisine story.

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Newamstar high-speed automatic soy sauce filling production line has been highly recognized by Luhua Group

The trees of white pear blossom, and the aroma of trickling drops of healthy Luhua edible oil wafts. We can deeply feel the charm of Luhua: 30 years good quality, belief in serving the people, purpose of ‘industry serves the country and benefits the people’s livelihood’, and bearing of ‘benefit others for the public, obtain the benefits by virtue’ personally in Shandong Laiyang where the Luhua company is located. Soy sauce

Shandong Luhua is a large private company, the national agricultural industrialization leading enterprise. It spans a broad range of industries, such as edible oil, condiment, and vegetable processing. In 2016, Luhua company’s sales income was over 23 billion, breaking historic records again. With the spread of CCTV’ s advertising language, ‘The frangrance of Luhua peanut oil sweetens every home,’ “5S” (5 steps of processing peanut oil) squeezing process of Luhua company has been widely known. It not only overcame the “removal of aflatoxin” this world-class problem, but also laid the foundation for it becoming the leading brand of peanut oil and top three brands of edible oil in china.

In 2012, Luhua company produced the “high-end and natural fresh” special aroma series condiment with the combination of biological fermentation technology and 5S squeezing process. Nature-oriented, it creates product differentiation, brews natural sauce flavor, takes the lead in setting up standards for internationally recognized good soy sauce, initiates the new epoch of special flavor soy sauce in China, and opens a new era for Chinese soy sauce culture.

In 2002, Luhua Company chairman Sun Mengquan went to Japan for an investigation. He found that Japanese were very fond of soy sauce and the quality of soy sauce in Japan was very good. Most of his friends bought Japan soy sauce back home as a gift for their family. Sun thought, “Soy sauce was invented by our ancestors. Why can’t we Chinese make better soy sauce?” Then, under the guidance of Sun, it took almost 10 years for Luhua company to develop the specific strain and the unique technology of clean cabin for making peanut oil and physical pressing. With this technology, they produced “Natural fresh” special aroma soy sauce, its umami material got up to 1.2g/ml, higher than the 0.8g/ml standard of national special grade soy, and its flavor and taste were higher than the world’s leading level of soy sauce. After the product launched, it not only won high praise from this field’s experts and consumers, but also attracted many suppliers around the world to purchase.

In order to meet the needs of consumers around the world, Luhua company invested 1 billion to expand phase 2 Soy sauce project. After it completed, Luhua can produce 200 thousand tons “Natural fresh” every year, and it will become the largest high-class soy sauce producer in the world.

Luhua company had paid much attention to product safety for a long time. They made a perfect safety management system covering the whole production line, includes raw material, processing and quality checking. This is also the secret of their success in this market. In order to build demonstration projects and push the soy sauce industry chain to a new height, they expand the phase 2 project with high standard and high requirement behavior patterns.

Strict examination, careful selection. It took 1 year for Luhua to buy the production line including project approval, supplier inspection, and contract signing. When choosing the supplier of production line, they only wanted International first-class supplier of high-end equipment. Finally, Newamstar won the trust of Luhua with professional technical strength and serious & rigorous attitude towards the project. We shouldered the heavy responsibility of producing full automatic 24,000BPH (500ml) glass bottle soy sauce filling production line and 10,000BPH (1L) PET bottled soy sauce filling production line.

The “Natural fresh” Luhua soy sauce not only means the brand culture, but also means Luhua’s many years relentless pursuit of product quality. Newamstar made detailed analysis of the filling product during engineering design. Through filling experiment, we ultimately choose the weighting-type filling solution.

· Non-contact of filling valve and bottle mouth, which is safety and hygiene, and can avoid second contamination and potential risk of broken bottle mouth.

· Unique filling valve, which can achieve bubble-removing, no drop, non-blocking.

· Weighting-type filling. By terminal metering, it won’t be affected by temperature and bubble. The filling volume can be adjusted easily by touch screen.

· Weighing and checking during the filling process, which can trace faulty valves and abnormal filling.

· Control module self-adjusting filling parameter by weighting sensor. It can ensure high precision and save the filling material

· Modify the FFU technology and self-washing false cup. Total automatic CIP system, SIP unit for inside filler, bottle sterilization unit, all can ensure the high quality of ‘natural fresh’ filling taste.

Luhua company keeps striving for excellence, while Newamstar keeps continuous innovation. The volatile three decades, a period of hard pioneering. The idea “take food safety and product quality as core values of enterprise” of Luhua is coincident with Newamstar’s business philosophy ‘innovation drives development, quality wins market’. 30 years of persistence, 30 years of high quality, 30 years of ‘industry serves the country’, these similarities make Newamstar and Luhua attract each other and promote cooperation.

Spare no effort to create ‘China taste’ and ensure ‘safety of every bite of food’. Newamstar is honored to march towards a bright future of condiment in joint hand together with Luhua.

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