Qianhe chooses Newamstar to provide two sets of high-end condiment production line

With the fast development of economy and improvement of living standard, health and delicacy has become core appeal for consumers. Natural and original products become more and more famous. High-end soy sauce, with characteristics of pure brewing, zero-adding and original, etc. becomes a trend in condiment market. Under such situation, Qianhe Condiment and Food wins rising period of zero-adding soy sauce with forward-looking vision. With first-mover advantage in zero-adding soy sauce market, Qianhe Condiment and Food wins increasing market share in high-end soy sauce market.

Founded in 1996, located at Meishan Sichuan hometown of Dongpo, Qianhe Condiment and Food is a listed company for producing condiments of high-qualified and healthy soy sauce, vinegar, cooking wine and etc.. Qianhe focuses on condiment market for more than 20 years, not only because of its high requirement to product quality, but also because of company’s strategic planning and market position. By the first to convey differentiation concept of zero-adding to consumers, Qianhe changes inherent impression for basic condiments, builds high-level image of Qianhe representing zero-adding and new healthy, makes consumers feel safe to buy and eat.

Following traditional brewing technical processing, revering original brewing taste, without using any food additives during production, Qianhe Condiment and Food creates new category of additive free in condiment field. Behind brave innovation, it is dialysis and mastery to the market and high standard and strict requirement to advanced equipment with intelligent, high-effective and stable running and safety.

Based on persistent pursuit to product quality, Qianhe Condiment and Food gives high approval to Newamstar technical R&D ability and corporate strength after times of full communication and thorough research. Customized advanced automatic production system solution by Newamstar wins affirmation of Qianhe. Finally, Qianhe chooses Newamstar to provide two sets of high-end condiment production line, that is 24,000BPH(500ml) glass bottled cooking wine & vinegar filling line and 12,000BPH(1.8L) PET bottled soy sauce & vinegar filling line. In 2018, Qianhe and Newamstar have second cooperation for three sets of brand-new automatic production line, based on both sides’ friendly cooperation and high-qualified product and high-efficient service from Newamstar.

The customized production line solution for Qianhe, with advance technology and rich experiences of turn-key project, meets requirements of fully automatic production level.

The filling system mainly adopts weighing filling technology, non-contact electronic filling processing with more safety and sanitation. The filling system will also record every bottled product’s filling weight in real time, with function of analysis and statistics. And feedback correction system ensures accuracy of filling precision. Menu type management will automatically match filling processing parameters to make sure different products automatically shift and meet production demand of multi-series of products. Filling system is equipped with HEPA filtration system to ensure hygiene class of filling environment and multi-efficient combined pre-treatment and sterilization solution for packaging materials to ensure hygiene level of packaging materials. Auto CIP system adopts strict cleaning processing, with automatically dummy-cup feeding without human intervention to realize automatically recycling cleaning.

At the aspect of customization, take as a example, 1.8L bottle with handle and cap adopt automatically positioning technology to ensure cap hinge and handle in the same position and bottle mouth in the opposite position for better user experience.

At the aspect of product appearance inspection and data safety tracking, the production line installs visual inspection system to ensure appearance quality and bottle & carton code tracking system to ensure product safety tracking, which is by scanning bar code on carton and QR code on bottle to track detailed data of production shift, date, raw materials and packaging materials, etc. to ensure product safety.

Downstream packaging system adopts flexible buffer platform to ensure buffer time between machines to improve production efficiency and decrease pressure among bottles to avoid influencing product appearance.

Main machines in the production line possess online communication function to realize remote communication, monitor running status data, remotely analyze, revise and optimize program to improve timeliness of trouble shooting.

High-speed automatic production line performs rhyme of delicacy, places ardent expectation, brings Qianhe products with originality to everywhere, inherits dietetic culture of Dongpo and conveys taste of happy life. Newamstar will cooperate with Qianhe to transmit mission of health and delicacy, guard food safety and create Chinese cuisine story.

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Newamstar BFC Combibloc Facilitating the Progress to Prosperity of MAYORA’s Beverage Business

Have you had the delicious, crunchy Danish Cookies or the aromatic, savory coffee? These popular products on market are all from MAYORA enterprise in Indonesia.

MAYORA enterprise is one of the world-famous manufacturers of FMCG, whose major products include cookies, candies, chocolates, wafers, coffee and beverage drinks, sold all over the world. Its tea and coffee drink had been franticly favored to all customers immediately since it was only its promotion stage. In every corner of Indonesia, whether in supermarket in downtown or grocery convenience stores by the roadside, MAYORA’s tea and coffee drink always have its big shelves, and have become the first choice in Indonesian.

It has been 5 years since Newamstar started assisting MAYORA Enterprise. With further cooperation of two sides, our relationship has been elevated from the partnership to all-weather strategic partnership.

MAYORA’s operating management department has rich experience in FMCG industry. But they never take things lightly. They hold a prudent, modest and steady attitude towards every new product and new project, which shows how strictly an international reputed enterprise operates and evaluates the long-term strategies. On the terms of choosing a supplier of high-speed hot-filling BFC Combibloc production lines, MAYORA’s operation management department did a comprehensive evaluation and thorough research of each candidate’s technologies, general capacities, reputation, performance of the whole production lines, after sale service and other aspects. During this period, MAYORA had studied and valued Newamstar and our customers’ sites many times for the actual performance of BFC Combibloc production lines. Also there were some pervasive communication and discussion. But Newamstar’s sturdy quality, advanced R&D abilities and thoughtful after sale services, had impressed MAYORA’s team deeply. After multi rigorous and sophisticated comparison, Newamstar all and was honored to undertake turn-key project for MAYORA. The following check upon delivery of the BFC Combibloc production line went smoothly by installing and examining perfectly on scene just on our first try without any repeated work, which was highly appreciated by MAYORA’s team. So far, only for the high-speed hot-filling BFC Combibloc lines and along with matched beverage processing systems, MAYORA has already ordered 6 sets.

Indonesian market has a prosperous and promising future. MAYORA, as the tycoon in all industries, will also ride on. And Newamstar will support MAYORA to approach for a higher level as always.

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Successful Production of High-Speed BFC Combibloc in Europe VODAVODA

Republic of Serbia, titled as “The Cross-road of Europe”, locates in the southeast of Europe. It’s an inevitable path, connecting Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa. Serbia has abundant travelling resorts and holds a great reputation of the hot spring that attracts tourists all over the world to come every year. BFC Combibloc

Vrujci Hot Spring is situated at the foot of Mountain Suvobor, located in the middle of Serbia. It has its innate medicinal usage, blessed by the organic, original ecological, and unpolluted natural environment. It is said that during the Austria War in 1914, Vrujci Hot Spring cured a worn out and fatally wounded dying warhorse. And the horse recovered and went back to his owner miraculously. The hot spring firmly proved its medicinal usage on Serbia War soldiers as well. In the war period, the soldiers regained their vitality by drinking the spring water, and cleansed other diseases of their own by bathing in the hot spring. The Vrujci Hot Spring has a history of over two centuries since it was discovered. The spiritual spring keeps flowing peacefully, nurturing all the creatures around and glamorizing the youth of Serbia.

Like an ancient Chinese Saying goes, merciful people share the same features with mountains, while wise people the water. TZ enterprise, near the mountains and by the water, certainly had an insight into the potential value of Vrujci Hot Spring, and decided the to reveal the thin veil of this mysterious original ecological hot spring in Serbia. They want to promote the pure mineral water in market, and by which gets people close and in love with nature.

TZ Enterprise named this top-quality mineral water as VODAVODA and ranked it into deluxe class because of the incomparable resource and the water quality. When it comes up onto the market, customers soon get frantic to it. The crystal clear and clean mineral water comes deep from the 593-meter underground, and is trace elements rich, which is essential for human body. It balances perfectly the combination of salted elements and minerals, and can be directly filled into bottles through several simple filter systems, without any complicated processes.

Fresh air, legendary culture and the treasured spring water made VODAVODA well known. In 2013, Newamstar had its honor to cooperate with TZ and started the partnership between China and Europe. TZ’s engineers were slightly unwilling to work with Chinese corporation. They held the view that the quality of Chinese technologies cannot be parallel with Western European manufactures. To change this stereotype, the senior leaders of Newamstar poured full attention and all heart to present an extraordinary visual feast for TZ. We were inspired by the design of round bottles and made the novel and exquisite square bottles. In the mean time, we tailor-designed the sophisticated technologies and provided the solution of a whole line. This could be seen as the precedent in mainland.

Throughout a few rounds of intense technical seminars, visits and studies, European engineers reappraised and were impressed by Chinese manufacturing, from which, the cooperation with Newamstar for the whole production line of PET mineral water bottles has been carried out smoothly.

VODAVODA project was the 1st complete production line in East Europe of BFC Combibloc and is an exquisite prototype. Each link, from the initial design, manufactures in the middle period, to the final installation, was studied, designed and managed scientifically and rigorously by Newamstar, by constantly improving performance, service and reducing energy discharges, costs and the space in use. To realize out customer’s dream of building up the ideal factory, we always tracked and monitored the equipment we sold and fed back to tech team regularly in time. Especially at the later stage of a project, our vice-premier, Xingan Chu, of tech department, went Serbia in person with his team, to help TZ lower the production and running costs and optimize the production and energy use efficiency, giving the project much more bonus.

The most heat-warming contribution made by Newamstar can be seen from the European engineers’ change of attitude. Starting with suspicion, they gradually built strong credit in us. We created the deluxe charm of original organic water, from the scratch of design drawings, and made the rarely known 593-meter underground mineral water the delicacies on the tip of people’s tongue. This is how we make Chinese manufacture’s strength conspicuous and trustworthy. From that turning point, Newamstar’s flag flutters in the wind over the grand ground of Europe. It does not only indicate that Newamstar has been recognized by high-end customers, but also has deeper significance of cultivating a new fertile area in China’s manufacturing.

Innovation drives development. Quality wins out in market. As the leadership and expert of China’s high-end liquid (beverage) packaging machinery, we carry the burden of developing our nation’s enterprises. And in this tough journey of transition from “Chinese manufacturing” to “Chinese intelligenturing”, we’ll step out of China and stride into the international market.

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Newamstar Water Combibloc Filling Line Was Satisfactorily Completed In Water Factory Of MYM Water Japan

The famous Aso – San is known by its active volcano, also is the source of plentiful spring water. The spring water comes from the natural mountain without any pollution, pure and clear with a bit of sweet flavor. The water has been filtered by natural filters: root of vegetation in the vast forest and soil layer of the rock. The spring water is perfectly cleaned, volume and composition of mineral substance and microelement reach the reasonable level which is the result of natural work. Acquired from the original ecology, every drop of spring water contains healthy element for human beings. BFC Combibloc

The exceptional land with excellent water quality and abundant natural resource was chosen by MYM Water company. For the sake of exploiting the precious resource in this land and appreciating the gift given by god, MYM Water prepared to establish the water factory and purchase equipment in 2011.

MYM Water sorted suppliers from global famous brands, to understand the equipment information, technology innovation, equipment character, after sales service and sustainable development deliberately. Finally, Newamstar was sucessfully chosen as one the nominees.

In June 2011, the first meeting between Newamstar and MYM Water was held. The meeting revolved around the industry standard, R&D trend, environmental protection etc. Both parties expressed their perspectives and negotiated about the equipment choice. In the later one year’s time, the contact between two parties through warm and frequent e – mail made the bilateral relationship closer and closer.

In September 2012, MYM Water generally completed the infrastructure of water factory and then sent experts to China to make the field investigation. Newamstar impressed MYM Water profoundly due to its rigorous working attitudes, specialized technology (project) and intimate service from beginning. After evaluation for several Chinese suppliers, Newamstar finally got the offer of one 7,200BPH(2L) water Combibloc filling line.

Thanks to extraordinary arrangement and sequential manufacturing, the machine was manufactured as scheduled (4 months) and sent to Japan for installation and commissioning. The installation schedule was during the Spring Festival period that engineers from Newamstar gave up the opportunity to reunite with their families and went to Japan for project completion.

In March 2013, the water Combibloc filling line was satisfactorily completed in water factory of MYM Water. Everyone in the factory applauded for the completion. The joy at that time permeated every corner of the factory.

The stable operation of the Combibloc filling line provided by Newamstar and strict sanitary management in MYM Water factory make the drinking water safe and secure for consumers to drink, this is the mission for MYM Water to contribute the gift from nature to people. The pure and elegant water filled by Newamstar shares joy and feeling from China.

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Newamstar PET Bottled Water BFC Combibloc Production Lines Running Smoothly In Korea Gangwon

The 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in Korea, made the world remember Pyeongchang County in Gangwon. Gangwon in Korea is a province in the northeast area. It is famous for scenic spots like natural scenery and hot springs, as well as being a place that can make people feel warm and intoxicated. Gangwon Deep Sea Water Company is located in this area as well. BFC Combibloc

Gangwon Deep Sea Water Company is located in the northern part of Gangwon province, along the Sea of Japan, with its back against Mount Kumgang. In PET bottled water industry in Korea, it is a young and dynamic company registered in 2006, while its ocean engineering and land engineering completed in 2008. Gangwon PET bottled water officially came into the market in 2009. The reason we mentioned about the ocean engineering is that the water produced by Gangwon company is not just the ordinary drinking water or natural mineral water. The raw water comes from 650m deep sea about 6km away from its factory. After being transported to water treatment plant through water pipes installed in deep sea, desalination and other treatment and packaging will be made.

According to experts’ research, there is no water pollution in deep sea because of no direct sunshine or plankton. The pure water, advanced processing technology, and unique marketing concepts make an unusual development way for Gangwon company.

Gangwon company made in-depth research on market and produced different types of bottled water according to characteristics of various groups of customers. It has products for infants and pregnant women, which includes the minerals in same proportion as amniotic fluid of Mg:Ca:K=3:1:1. The water can provide the most balanced minerals for human body. Excellent product quality, modern production facilities, and standardized management contribute a lot to Gangwons success. It was certified by FDA and IBWA in the second year after being a public company. It also has different marketing method compared to traditional offline sales, which is to get registration online and make door-to-door delivery. The unique product and special sales method make Gangwon water extremely popular in the industry and being the officially designated water for the 2010 G20 Summit.

The successful products are produced by customized automatic production line from Newamstar. In 2008, Newamstar and Gangwon signed the contract of ordering one 24,000BPH automatic PET bottled water BFC Combibloc production line, including blowing machine, filling machine, and other secondary packaging machines such as palletizer. Both two parties worked together and completed the installation and commissioning, put products on market as scheduled.

Newamstar has always been guided by technological innovation, and kept increasing investment to R&D, making continuous innovation and upgrading of products. The close cooperation between Newamstar and BUMYANG group also improves the service quality and increases market share in Korea. Newamstar has also built deeper relationships with ULLEUNG-DO, SANSU, COCA COLA, HYATT and other famous companies in Korea.

While developing rapidly, Newamstar still cares much about old cooperative partners. In 2016, Newamstar sent invitations to Gangwon management and technical team. During that time, they not only saw the China’s first 72,000BPH PET bottled water BFC Combibloc production line running smoothly in customer’s site which built by Newamstar, but also visited Newamstar’s R&D center and manufacturing base. The visit made them feel a lot and the rapid development of Newamstar reminded them of the development of China’s high speed train. They not only have great confidence about the future cooperation with Newamstar but also have confidence about China’s market, which they want to get rely on in order to better and faster develop company’s business.

In 2017, Gangwon Deep Sea Water Company started the project phase II. Based on long-term cooperation relationship, Gangwon chose Newamstar as its supplier for the new line of 24,000BPH BFC Combibloc turnkey production line. In order to ensure customer’s production plan, Newamstar delivered the whole set of machines and sent installation and commissioning team to the site in time. Even in Chinese New Year Holiday, the most important time during the year for people to get union with family members, Newamstar engineers worked day and night, completed the installation and commissioning work in time, and achieved recognition from customer with excellent machine quality and efficient service.

From 2008 to 2018, ten years’ innovation and cooperation make the friendship between Newamstar and Gangwon last longer. The mutual trust and genuine concern for each other become the model as cooperation between enterprises of the two countries. Inheriting the past and forging ahead into future, Newamstar and Gangwon Deep Sea Water Company will seek common development and work together to make brilliant achievement!

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Successful Production of Newamstar High-Speed BFC Combibloc in Korean Coca-cola

As we all know, Korea is one of the most developed countries in the world in manufacturing with its wide range of industries, more advanced technology, especially in ship-building, automobiles, electronics, chemicals, steel and some other industries that have an important position in the world. BFC Combibloc

Since Newamstar provided the first BFC Combibloc with 20 cavities for largest manufacturer of deep-sea water GANGWON in South Korea in 2008, we have supplied and installed dozens of production lines in South Korea. Especially in the field of high-end deep-sea water production lines, Newamstar firmly has occupied half of the market share, and in the field of high-speed BFC Combibloc, Newamstar’s market share is up to the top three. To win customer’s recognition in the field of industrial products, excellent product quality, advanced technology and efficient service localization, etc. must be several indispensable elements. In the highly competitive South Korean market, achievements not only result from research and development that Newamstar has been constantly put into, but also embodies the full recognition of Korean customers on Newamstar things.

As one of the world’s largest beverage manufacturer, Coca-Cola has been leading the trend of global drinks. On March, 2015, the Korean Coca-Cola Gwangju factory plans to introduce a set of 400BPM BFC Combibloc for its Coke, Fanta. In this tender, as the only selected Chinese supplier, Newamstar has competed with several European manufacturers.

After receiving requirements of Coca-Cola’s formal tender, Newamstar immediately organizes relevant technical team, makes detailed documents and a production line layout. Relying on Newamstar’s superior technology and advanced design concepts, with many years’ reputation accumulated in the Korean market, Coca Cola finally has chosen Newamstar as the equipment supplier. Currently, the machine has been already accepted by Korean Coca Cola. Advanced technology, stable performance and efficient energy saving have been unanimously praised by Korean Coca-Cola.

The high-speed carbonated equipment gets settled and highly recognized by Korean Coca Cola, which is confirmed again that Newamstar adheres to lead the market by technology and creates value for customers with services. We will continue to provide more high-quality products and services for the Korean market to help boost South Korean liquid food market better and faster development.

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Newamstar Delivers High-speed Combibloc Production Line To Dome Group

DOME is one well-known water brand in Saudi Arabia. Thanks to their abundant and high-quality water resource and unique diamond-shape bottle design, DOME wined a lot of fans from local heated competitions and also a series of awards from international markets. Combibloc

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The customized BFC Combibloc solution for customers, meets requirements of fully automatic production level

In 2014, banana milk caused a yellow whirlwind in China’s milk beverage market. Since the beginning of this year, major dairy companies have launched related products, making banana milk quickly become the focus in the industry. Youyang banana milk stood out quickly to occupy the market, winning sale of 100 million. In 2015, the demand for Youyang banana milk was increasing, and the original production capacity was not enough. Youyang company learned from many aspects, as a leading enterprise in the field of liquid packaging machinery, Newamstar has a strong overall strength, which can guarantee the market sales of Youyang banana milk. At the same year, it cooperates with Newamstar for the first time. Newamstar provided one 24,000BPH ultra-clean BFC Combibloc production line for Youyang.

Compared with the hot filling line, the ultra-clean production line reduces the filling temperature, which can better retain the taste, flavor and other characteristics of the product. In the meantime, it can effectively save the cost of packaging materials and the cost of energy consumption. Because of its unique technology, it greatly increases the hygienic safety of the product in the production process, and the product quality is more secure.

In 2015, under the support help of the Newamstar, Youyang banana milk’s annual sales reached over 100 million yuan, Youyang banana milk product also won the 9th China food industry growth star “annual potential new product” title. In 2016, the sales of Youyang banana milk continued to grow, with the single product exceeding 200 million yuan, which became the real black horse in its category. In the first half of 2017, Youyang company achieved 35% growth. In addition, new bottled water products, glass bottled juice, and functional beverage products are growing rapidly, making the category layout of Youyang beverage more perfect and the product matrix more powerful.

Lu miao jun, chairman of Youyang company, said that a company must constantly upgrade its products to meet consumers’ needs if it wants to survive for a long time. In February 2017, in order to meet the needs of consumers, Youyang launched four new products of bottled water: Youyang Bulaoquan natural drinking water, fruit flavored soda water, Youyang juice water, pure soda water. Based on previous wonderful cooperation, Youyang chose Newamstar again, Newamstar provided one 36,000BPH blowing-filling-capping Combibloc smart production line for different water product.

The production line can also produces three different products of different characteristics of natural water, soda water and fruit water, which is also a chance of displaying Newamstar’s ability of innovation. The production line uses Newamstar’s latest blowing-filling-capping Combibloc technology, equipped with advanced technologies such as dry sterilization technology developed by Newamstar. Blending unit and water treatment unit are equipped with unique microbiological sterilization devices, which greatly enhance the product safety and reliability.

It is this kind of unprecedented innovation and pioneering that has created the position of Newamstar’s industry leader and its excellent market reputation. From Chinese manufacturing to Chinese wisdom, Newamstar leads the industry innovation trend, and forms the style of excellent quality, elegant taste and noble character.

In the future, Newamstar will be able to join hands with more and more elite enterprises in China’s beverage industry, brave the wind and the waves, and sailing together!

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The Combibloc line for large-capacity barrelled water of 15L disposable PET materials from Newamstar was tailored for Emeispring

With the rapid development of China’s economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, the awareness of drinking healthy water has gradually become rooted in consumers’ hearts. Water for cooking, water for tea, etc…. More and more people are inclined to choose bottled or barrelled water, which increased the sales of large-capacity packaging water. Compared to the bottled water with a higher consumption index, the barrelled water market has maintained a relatively single product model for a long time. More and more negative reports appeared, such as tap water filling, indefinite usage of the buckets, excessive bacterial index, deterioration for long-term non-drinking, limited range for transportation, non-standard production of small manufacturers and so on. All these reports have made the hidden danger of barrelled water more and more prominent, which has seriously affected the healthy development of the barrelled water industry. At the same time, the barrelled water industry is also faced with a series of severe tests, such as low profit, labor shortage in water delivery and strong influence from small bottled water. Therefore, this industry is calling for great revolution in technology and innovation. Combibloc

In order to solve the difficulties in the barrelled water industry, Newamstar, being the forefront of beverage packaging technology, was the first to introduce a blowing-filling-capping Combibloc line for large-capacity barrelled water of 15L disposable PET materials in 2016,which largely helped the natural mineral water project of Emeispring.

The Emeispring owns a thermomineral spring with a depth of 1652 meters and a wellhead water temperature of 49°C. This spring is rich in more than 20 kinds of minerals and microelements which are beneficial to people’s health, such as selenium, zinc, iron and strontium and so on. It has won the national reputation as “China’s high quality mineral water source” and national geographical indication products protection, named as extremely precious “natural mineral drinking water of strontium quality”. The deep mineral water of Emeispring has higher cost of mining than glacial water and spring water. It possesses rare and limited mining water source, higher water quality and richer mineral content. It has also been designated as “China’s deepest mineral water” by the China Mining Association expert group. At the same time, Emeispring also meets the conditions of light mine, low sodium and soft water. It is really a high-quality natural light mineral spring, which is very suitable for the whole family to drink and more suitable for mothers and babies.

Making drinking water healthier is making life better. The blowing-filling-capping Combibloc production line for large-capacity barrelled water of 15L disposable PET materials from Newamstar was tailored for Emeispring, which had a qualitative leap compared to the traditional barrelled water production line. This new kind of 2500 barrels per hour barrelled water production line adopted the technology of blowing-filling-capping Combibloc, which greatly improved the production capacity and production efficiency. The bottle blowing system employed advanced servo stretching technology to stabilize the disposable PET barrels. The filling system adopted the laser-fixing liquid level technology to solve a longtime problem of the uneven liquid level. The disposable PET bucket replaces the PC bucket and the packaging material is no longer recycled, which avoided secondary pollution. Moreover, Newamstar’s blowing-filling-capping Combibloc production line for large-capacity barrelled water of disposable PET materials can be compatible with barrelled water production from 4L to 15.2L, which achieved multi-purpose usage of one line and the wider application range of the equipment.

Today, the penetration rate of barrelled water in China has been increased to more than 30%, according to statistics and the consumption of barrelled water has arrived more than 30 billion yuan every year. So the market prospect for barrelled water is very broad. With the change of consumer’s consumption concept, barrelled water will be transformed into large-capacity PET packaging, and the new disposable PET barrelled water blowing-filling-capping Combibloc production line will usher in a larger stage. Experts in this industry believe that the launch of large-capacity barrelled water production line for disposable PET materials will gradually replace the traditional plastic bucket production line, make up for the high-end market of barrelled water and lead the brand-new pattern of barrelled drinking water market.

The stars are sparkling, lustrous and brilliant. Emeispring and Newamstar have been working together, being the challengers of the traditional plastic bucket industry and the pioneers of the disposable barelled water industry. They commit themselves together to bringing high-quality natural mineral spring drinking water service to consumers, to shouldering the responsibility of introducing the healthy drinking water to Chinese families, and to giving birth to a new glory in the new era of China’s beverage industry.

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Newamstar 15000BPH ultra-clean BFC Combibloc production line was successfully put into operation

Jiangsu HENGRUI Medicine Co., Ltd. is a large-scale pharmaceutical listed company integrating scientific research, production and sales. It was rated as the advanced collectives of national pharmaceutical system, the national key high-tech enterprise, key enterprise of research and development and industrialization base of national torque project, national high-tech research and development program (National 863 Program) results industrialization base, HENGRUI has been also listed as the top 10 effective companies by the National Bureau of Statistics in the pharmaceutical industry for many years. BFC Combibloc

Both Newamstar and HENGRUI are located in Jiangsu province, which close to each other in geographic, with similar enterprise pattern and management philosophy, so that two companies quickly achieved cooperation for one 15,000BPH Ultra-clean BFC Combibloc production line, Newamstar would assist HENGRUI to introduce FSMF in the first place.

Foods for Special Medical Purpose (FSMP) refers to a special dietary foods through special processing and formulating which must be used under guidance of a doctor or a clinical nutritionist. In many cases, it has important clinical significance, such as correcting metabolic imbalance, reducing complications such as infections, promoting rehabilitation, enhancing therapeutic effects, lowering overall medical costs, and improving the life quality of patients.

If China’s nutrition industry is a sunrise industry, then the FSMP industry can be described as a “dawn industry”. This sentence has several meanings: Firstly, the scale of the FSMP industry is still small. The market is in an early stage of development; Secondly, this industry develops rapidly, which contains great potential for development; Thirdly, China is implementing the reform of the medical system, which is a positive factor for the development of special medical food industry.

Therefore, HENGRUI took the opportunity to take the lead, and actively started to develop FSMP. FSMP is right between medicine and food. Because of Newamstar’s excellent brand influence, rich experience in turn-key solution projects, high quality service, and long-term successful cooperation with famous pharmaceutical companies both at home and abroad, including Otsuka Petrochemical Corporation, Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group and Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, etc., Newamstar was given the olive branch from HENGRUI group.

The requirements of FSMF are high and the technical difficulty is great, Newamstar attached great importance on the project. Innovation drives development. After years of accumulated technological and engineering practice ability, Newamstar has formed solid technical heritage and continuously explores into new fields. Newamstar and HENGRUI study and research together, eventually both parties confirmed the technical solutions for this project.

After the Spring Festival in 2017, the project installation was into the sprint stage. The high standards and high requirements of pharmaceutical companies are considered as examination and test for Newamstar. While facing the difficulties, Newamstar’s project team makes all-out efforts to complete every demanding request from customers. Working overtime and finish polishing and welding, to ensure every solder joint should reach the standard and perfection. With the strong cooperation of HENGRUI, the 15,000BPH Ultra-clean BFC Combibloc production line was successfully put into operation and FSMP —– Lejia NO.1 was launched. With the production line put into production smoothly, HENGRUI made a new step in the FSMP industry.

Newamstar will assist HENGRUI with its advanced technology and high quality services. Newamstar and HENGRUI Group will also go all out together support the FSMF industry and human’s health with actual performance.

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