Newamstar Delivers High-speed Combibloc Production Line To Dome Group

DOME is one well-known water brand in Saudi Arabia. Thanks to their abundant and high-quality water resource and unique diamond-shape bottle design, DOME wined a lot of fans from local heated competitions and also a series of awards from international markets. Combibloc

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The Combibloc line for large-capacity barrelled water of 15L disposable PET materials from Newamstar was tailored for Emeispring

With the rapid development of China’s economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, the awareness of drinking healthy water has gradually become rooted in consumers’ hearts. Water for cooking, water for tea, etc…. More and more people are inclined to choose bottled or barrelled water, which increased the sales of large-capacity packaging water. Compared to the bottled water with a higher consumption index, the barrelled water market has maintained a relatively single product model for a long time. More and more negative reports appeared, such as tap water filling, indefinite usage of the buckets, excessive bacterial index, deterioration for long-term non-drinking, limited range for transportation, non-standard production of small manufacturers and so on. All these reports have made the hidden danger of barrelled water more and more prominent, which has seriously affected the healthy development of the barrelled water industry. At the same time, the barrelled water industry is also faced with a series of severe tests, such as low profit, labor shortage in water delivery and strong influence from small bottled water. Therefore, this industry is calling for great revolution in technology and innovation. Combibloc

In order to solve the difficulties in the barrelled water industry, Newamstar, being the forefront of beverage packaging technology, was the first to introduce a blowing-filling-capping Combibloc line for large-capacity barrelled water of 15L disposable PET materials in 2016,which largely helped the natural mineral water project of Emeispring.

The Emeispring owns a thermomineral spring with a depth of 1652 meters and a wellhead water temperature of 49°C. This spring is rich in more than 20 kinds of minerals and microelements which are beneficial to people’s health, such as selenium, zinc, iron and strontium and so on. It has won the national reputation as “China’s high quality mineral water source” and national geographical indication products protection, named as extremely precious “natural mineral drinking water of strontium quality”. The deep mineral water of Emeispring has higher cost of mining than glacial water and spring water. It possesses rare and limited mining water source, higher water quality and richer mineral content. It has also been designated as “China’s deepest mineral water” by the China Mining Association expert group. At the same time, Emeispring also meets the conditions of light mine, low sodium and soft water. It is really a high-quality natural light mineral spring, which is very suitable for the whole family to drink and more suitable for mothers and babies.

Making drinking water healthier is making life better. The blowing-filling-capping Combibloc production line for large-capacity barrelled water of 15L disposable PET materials from Newamstar was tailored for Emeispring, which had a qualitative leap compared to the traditional barrelled water production line. This new kind of 2500 barrels per hour barrelled water production line adopted the technology of blowing-filling-capping Combibloc, which greatly improved the production capacity and production efficiency. The bottle blowing system employed advanced servo stretching technology to stabilize the disposable PET barrels. The filling system adopted the laser-fixing liquid level technology to solve a longtime problem of the uneven liquid level. The disposable PET bucket replaces the PC bucket and the packaging material is no longer recycled, which avoided secondary pollution. Moreover, Newamstar’s blowing-filling-capping Combibloc production line for large-capacity barrelled water of disposable PET materials can be compatible with barrelled water production from 4L to 15.2L, which achieved multi-purpose usage of one line and the wider application range of the equipment.

Today, the penetration rate of barrelled water in China has been increased to more than 30%, according to statistics and the consumption of barrelled water has arrived more than 30 billion yuan every year. So the market prospect for barrelled water is very broad. With the change of consumer’s consumption concept, barrelled water will be transformed into large-capacity PET packaging, and the new disposable PET barrelled water blowing-filling-capping Combibloc production line will usher in a larger stage. Experts in this industry believe that the launch of large-capacity barrelled water production line for disposable PET materials will gradually replace the traditional plastic bucket production line, make up for the high-end market of barrelled water and lead the brand-new pattern of barrelled drinking water market.

The stars are sparkling, lustrous and brilliant. Emeispring and Newamstar have been working together, being the challengers of the traditional plastic bucket industry and the pioneers of the disposable barelled water industry. They commit themselves together to bringing high-quality natural mineral spring drinking water service to consumers, to shouldering the responsibility of introducing the healthy drinking water to Chinese families, and to giving birth to a new glory in the new era of China’s beverage industry.

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Newamstar 15000BPH ultra-clean BFC Combibloc production line was successfully put into operation

Jiangsu HENGRUI Medicine Co., Ltd. is a large-scale pharmaceutical listed company integrating scientific research, production and sales. It was rated as the advanced collectives of national pharmaceutical system, the national key high-tech enterprise, key enterprise of research and development and industrialization base of national torque project, national high-tech research and development program (National 863 Program) results industrialization base, HENGRUI has been also listed as the top 10 effective companies by the National Bureau of Statistics in the pharmaceutical industry for many years. BFC Combibloc

Both Newamstar and HENGRUI are located in Jiangsu province, which close to each other in geographic, with similar enterprise pattern and management philosophy, so that two companies quickly achieved cooperation for one 15,000BPH Ultra-clean BFC Combibloc production line, Newamstar would assist HENGRUI to introduce FSMF in the first place.

Foods for Special Medical Purpose (FSMP) refers to a special dietary foods through special processing and formulating which must be used under guidance of a doctor or a clinical nutritionist. In many cases, it has important clinical significance, such as correcting metabolic imbalance, reducing complications such as infections, promoting rehabilitation, enhancing therapeutic effects, lowering overall medical costs, and improving the life quality of patients.

If China’s nutrition industry is a sunrise industry, then the FSMP industry can be described as a “dawn industry”. This sentence has several meanings: Firstly, the scale of the FSMP industry is still small. The market is in an early stage of development; Secondly, this industry develops rapidly, which contains great potential for development; Thirdly, China is implementing the reform of the medical system, which is a positive factor for the development of special medical food industry.

Therefore, HENGRUI took the opportunity to take the lead, and actively started to develop FSMP. FSMP is right between medicine and food. Because of Newamstar’s excellent brand influence, rich experience in turn-key solution projects, high quality service, and long-term successful cooperation with famous pharmaceutical companies both at home and abroad, including Otsuka Petrochemical Corporation, Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group and Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, etc., Newamstar was given the olive branch from HENGRUI group.

The requirements of FSMF are high and the technical difficulty is great, Newamstar attached great importance on the project. Innovation drives development. After years of accumulated technological and engineering practice ability, Newamstar has formed solid technical heritage and continuously explores into new fields. Newamstar and HENGRUI study and research together, eventually both parties confirmed the technical solutions for this project.

After the Spring Festival in 2017, the project installation was into the sprint stage. The high standards and high requirements of pharmaceutical companies are considered as examination and test for Newamstar. While facing the difficulties, Newamstar’s project team makes all-out efforts to complete every demanding request from customers. Working overtime and finish polishing and welding, to ensure every solder joint should reach the standard and perfection. With the strong cooperation of HENGRUI, the 15,000BPH Ultra-clean BFC Combibloc production line was successfully put into operation and FSMP —– Lejia NO.1 was launched. With the production line put into production smoothly, HENGRUI made a new step in the FSMP industry.

Newamstar will assist HENGRUI with its advanced technology and high quality services. Newamstar and HENGRUI Group will also go all out together support the FSMF industry and human’s health with actual performance.

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Newamstar has become the only domestic supplier,who supplied high speed BFC Combibloc line for both large bottle and small bottle in Tibet

“Healthy life,accompanied by Huiyuan.” The brand of “Huiyuan”has already become the synonymous of the juice industry in China. In recent years, with the slowdown in the development of the juice market, Huiyuan Group has begun to pay more attention to the high-end water projects. This is an important step for Huiyuan Group to promote diversification, premiumisation, development and exploration of health. Combibloc

Tibet is known as the “Asia Water Tower,” almost ten thousand years of snow-capped mountains and glaciers and lakes, but still retains an aura of primitive purity. Tibet is one of the rare places to be developed and pollution-free in the world. The water contains many kinds of natural and trace elements, which is one of the best recognized water resources in the world. Huiyuan elaborately creates the “Zangjiang spring”, the water resouce comes from the Nyenchen Tanglha Mountain, it is 3,700 meters above the sea leve. Pure glacier water, deep underground for many years through the earth, carries a wealth of beneficial minerals and trace elements, rises along the fracture rock naturally. The original meaning of the word “Huiyuan” is “bringing together a better life and originating from natural nutrition”. It is the most beautiful gift of nature and also make ends meet with the implication of Huiyuan Group “Extracting Natural Essence, Fresh and Original”.

Through many rounds of technical communication and investigation by Huiyuan group, Newamstar stood out in the comparison with first-class suppliers abroad. Newamstar’s rich experience in the blowing-filling-capping Combibloc technology for big bottle water and equipment operation in high-altitude environment, two parties finally determined to establish cooperation relationship. Newamstar customized one 6,000BPH (4L) bottled water blowing-filling-capping Combibloc production line for Huiyuan Lhasa factory. From then on, Newamstar has become the only domestic supplier,who supplied high speed blowing-filling-capping Combibloc production line for both large bottle and small bottle in Tibet.

This customerized blowing-filling-capping Combibloc production line for Huiyuan Group, not only highly automated and with high operating efficiency, and its main features are as follows:

1. Newamstar blowing-filling-capping Combibloc Production line has taken into full consideration of the high-altitude factors.

2. Bottle blowing unit adopts new generation of energy-saving technology from Newamstar, not only to improve the heat utilization of heater, but also reduce the loss of high pressure gas.

3. The filling unit adopts the electronic laser controlled liquid level with non-contact filling, which facilitates the liquid level adjustment and meets the requirements of inland sales full filling and the normal liquid level in the surrounding areas of Tibet. In addition, the air purification unit of the filling unit is arranged to improve the cleanliness of the filling area.

4. Conveyor system considers the bottle body without reinforcing rib, and the weight of the bottle and other factors, the bottom of a large number of transmissions using the ball chain. With the cooperation of the variable frequency motor to reduce the delivery pressure to avoid product collision in the process of conveying.

Newamstar’s remarkable product and technology, the excellent quality of natural water in Tibet, the strong brand, perfect logistics system, smooth sales channels of Huiyuan Group, the perfect combination of the three aspects make “Zangjing spring” market prospects widely optimistic. We believe that Huiyuan Group will be able to make “Zangjing spring”become a popular natural product shared by cosumers all over China.

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Newamstar high-speed automatic soy sauce filling production line has been highly recognized by Luhua Group

The trees of white pear blossom, and the aroma of trickling drops of healthy Luhua edible oil wafts. We can deeply feel the charm of Luhua: 30 years good quality, belief in serving the people, purpose of ‘industry serves the country and benefits the people’s livelihood’, and bearing of ‘benefit others for the public, obtain the benefits by virtue’ personally in Shandong Laiyang where the Luhua company is located. Soy sauce

Shandong Luhua is a large private company, the national agricultural industrialization leading enterprise. It spans a broad range of industries, such as edible oil, condiment, and vegetable processing. In 2016, Luhua company’s sales income was over 23 billion, breaking historic records again. With the spread of CCTV’ s advertising language, ‘The frangrance of Luhua peanut oil sweetens every home,’ “5S” (5 steps of processing peanut oil) squeezing process of Luhua company has been widely known. It not only overcame the “removal of aflatoxin” this world-class problem, but also laid the foundation for it becoming the leading brand of peanut oil and top three brands of edible oil in china.

In 2012, Luhua company produced the “high-end and natural fresh” special aroma series condiment with the combination of biological fermentation technology and 5S squeezing process. Nature-oriented, it creates product differentiation, brews natural sauce flavor, takes the lead in setting up standards for internationally recognized good soy sauce, initiates the new epoch of special flavor soy sauce in China, and opens a new era for Chinese soy sauce culture.

In 2002, Luhua Company chairman Sun Mengquan went to Japan for an investigation. He found that Japanese were very fond of soy sauce and the quality of soy sauce in Japan was very good. Most of his friends bought Japan soy sauce back home as a gift for their family. Sun thought, “Soy sauce was invented by our ancestors. Why can’t we Chinese make better soy sauce?” Then, under the guidance of Sun, it took almost 10 years for Luhua company to develop the specific strain and the unique technology of clean cabin for making peanut oil and physical pressing. With this technology, they produced “Natural fresh” special aroma soy sauce, its umami material got up to 1.2g/ml, higher than the 0.8g/ml standard of national special grade soy, and its flavor and taste were higher than the world’s leading level of soy sauce. After the product launched, it not only won high praise from this field’s experts and consumers, but also attracted many suppliers around the world to purchase.

In order to meet the needs of consumers around the world, Luhua company invested 1 billion to expand phase 2 Soy sauce project. After it completed, Luhua can produce 200 thousand tons “Natural fresh” every year, and it will become the largest high-class soy sauce producer in the world.

Luhua company had paid much attention to product safety for a long time. They made a perfect safety management system covering the whole production line, includes raw material, processing and quality checking. This is also the secret of their success in this market. In order to build demonstration projects and push the soy sauce industry chain to a new height, they expand the phase 2 project with high standard and high requirement behavior patterns.

Strict examination, careful selection. It took 1 year for Luhua to buy the production line including project approval, supplier inspection, and contract signing. When choosing the supplier of production line, they only wanted International first-class supplier of high-end equipment. Finally, Newamstar won the trust of Luhua with professional technical strength and serious & rigorous attitude towards the project. We shouldered the heavy responsibility of producing full automatic 24,000BPH (500ml) glass bottle soy sauce filling production line and 10,000BPH (1L) PET bottled soy sauce filling production line.

The “Natural fresh” Luhua soy sauce not only means the brand culture, but also means Luhua’s many years relentless pursuit of product quality. Newamstar made detailed analysis of the filling product during engineering design. Through filling experiment, we ultimately choose the weighting-type filling solution.

· Non-contact of filling valve and bottle mouth, which is safety and hygiene, and can avoid second contamination and potential risk of broken bottle mouth.

· Unique filling valve, which can achieve bubble-removing, no drop, non-blocking.

· Weighting-type filling. By terminal metering, it won’t be affected by temperature and bubble. The filling volume can be adjusted easily by touch screen.

· Weighing and checking during the filling process, which can trace faulty valves and abnormal filling.

· Control module self-adjusting filling parameter by weighting sensor. It can ensure high precision and save the filling material

· Modify the FFU technology and self-washing false cup. Total automatic CIP system, SIP unit for inside filler, bottle sterilization unit, all can ensure the high quality of ‘natural fresh’ filling taste.

Luhua company keeps striving for excellence, while Newamstar keeps continuous innovation. The volatile three decades, a period of hard pioneering. The idea “take food safety and product quality as core values of enterprise” of Luhua is coincident with Newamstar’s business philosophy ‘innovation drives development, quality wins market’. 30 years of persistence, 30 years of high quality, 30 years of ‘industry serves the country’, these similarities make Newamstar and Luhua attract each other and promote cooperation.

Spare no effort to create ‘China taste’ and ensure ‘safety of every bite of food’. Newamstar is honored to march towards a bright future of condiment in joint hand together with Luhua.

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Newamstar spider arm bottle unscrambler was installed and put into use at the NICE Group

In recent years, with the continuous development of cosmetics industry and personal care products industry, there has been emerging needs for packaging of complicated-shape bottles and special designs. It is difficult to realize automated production of special shaped bottles, especially in the bottle-unscrambling stage of empty bottles. Most companies still stay in the slow speed stage of manual processing, which restricts the high-speed automation level of washing& care products line and thus affects the development of the industry. Therefore, it is necessary to push out new products to save labor costs, improve automation and speed up production capacity. unscrambler

The spider hand bottle unscrambler, was tailor-made by Newamstar for China’s washing industry leader NICE. It is through intelligent control system to provide the bottle unscrambler a pair of wise eyes, a smart brain and a pair of agile hands, to provide customers with high-speed stable production technology for special shaped bottles.

It is through the industrial camera vision system to identify differences in product grasping position, rotation angle, as well as front and back side changes in the bottle body. After calculated by the intelligent advanced algorithmic program, the spider hand can receive action instructions. According to the instructions, spider hand conducts smart synchronization grasping to the product, and at the same time track simultaneously with the flip system, then complete the special shaped bottle-sorting process in cooperation with bottle flow conveying system. The image acquisition, processing and communication functions are integrated into the vision system, providing a functional, modular, highly reliable, and easy-to-implement machine vision solution. At the same time, due to the application of the latest DSP, FPGA and mass storage technology, the degree of intelligence has been dramatically improved.

After Newamstar spider arm bottle unscrambler was installed and put into use at the NICE Chengdu plant, it was highly praised by customers. The comprehensive test results show that in terms of efficiency and bad bottle rate, the spider arm smart bottle unscrambler has a significant improvement over the traditional bottle unscrambler. With quick response and stable grasping, and almost zero scratch of bottle surface, it is able to retain the shape and quality of the empty bottle. At the same time, reducing the spider’s hand action, that is, canceling the vertical flip 90 degrees action, only to complete the action of picking up the bottle, putting the bottle back. The machine only needs to suck the empty bottles and flat place the bottles at working station, and finally hold the laid Empty bottles upright onto the conveyer through mechanical device. The reduction of this action improves the service life of the servomotor, greatly reduces the equipment cost for the customer, and reduces the equipment footprint. The precise cooperation of the systems in smart bottle unscrambler also greatly reduces the labor cost for customers. It is believed that after the spider arm bottle unscrambler brought special shaped bottle sorting into smart mode, its market application will shine, not only promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises, but also promote the technological progress of the industry.

Since the first cooperation between Newamstar and NICE in 2012, NICE Group has always appreciated the rigorousness and professionalism of Newamstar in technology, and sincerely appreciated and supported the attitude of Newamstar staff’s pioneering in making innovation, which tightens the cooperation between the two sides.

Intelligence affects the future while wisdom leads the era. With the frontier technology, under the pushing of the trend, Newamstar and Nice group will explore more intelligent projects shoulder by shoulder to open up more intelligent projects to realize sustainable development and benefit the community.

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