Jiangsu HENGRUI Medicine Co., Ltd. is a large-scale pharmaceutical listed company integrating scientific research, production and sales. It was rated as the advanced collectives of national pharmaceutical system, the national key high-tech enterprise, key enterprise of research and development and industrialization base of national torque project, national high-tech research and development program (National 863 Program) results industrialization base, HENGRUI has been also listed as the top 10 effective companies by the National Bureau of Statistics in the pharmaceutical industry for many years. BFC Combibloc

Both Newamstar and HENGRUI are located in Jiangsu province, which close to each other in geographic, with similar enterprise pattern and management philosophy, so that two companies quickly achieved cooperation for one 15,000BPH Ultra-clean BFC Combibloc production line, Newamstar would assist HENGRUI to introduce FSMF in the first place.

Foods for Special Medical Purpose (FSMP) refers to a special dietary foods through special processing and formulating which must be used under guidance of a doctor or a clinical nutritionist. In many cases, it has important clinical significance, such as correcting metabolic imbalance, reducing complications such as infections, promoting rehabilitation, enhancing therapeutic effects, lowering overall medical costs, and improving the life quality of patients.

If China’s nutrition industry is a sunrise industry, then the FSMP industry can be described as a “dawn industry”. This sentence has several meanings: Firstly, the scale of the FSMP industry is still small. The market is in an early stage of development; Secondly, this industry develops rapidly, which contains great potential for development; Thirdly, China is implementing the reform of the medical system, which is a positive factor for the development of special medical food industry.

Therefore, HENGRUI took the opportunity to take the lead, and actively started to develop FSMP. FSMP is right between medicine and food. Because of Newamstar’s excellent brand influence, rich experience in turn-key solution projects, high quality service, and long-term successful cooperation with famous pharmaceutical companies both at home and abroad, including Otsuka Petrochemical Corporation, Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group and Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, etc., Newamstar was given the olive branch from HENGRUI group.

The requirements of FSMF are high and the technical difficulty is great, Newamstar attached great importance on the project. Innovation drives development. After years of accumulated technological and engineering practice ability, Newamstar has formed solid technical heritage and continuously explores into new fields. Newamstar and HENGRUI study and research together, eventually both parties confirmed the technical solutions for this project.

After the Spring Festival in 2017, the project installation was into the sprint stage. The high standards and high requirements of pharmaceutical companies are considered as examination and test for Newamstar. While facing the difficulties, Newamstar’s project team makes all-out efforts to complete every demanding request from customers. Working overtime and finish polishing and welding, to ensure every solder joint should reach the standard and perfection. With the strong cooperation of HENGRUI, the 15,000BPH Ultra-clean BFC Combibloc production line was successfully put into operation and FSMP —– Lejia NO.1 was launched. With the production line put into production smoothly, HENGRUI made a new step in the FSMP industry.

Newamstar will assist HENGRUI with its advanced technology and high quality services. Newamstar and HENGRUI Group will also go all out together support the FSMF industry and human’s health with actual performance.