Have you had the delicious, crunchy Danish Cookies or the aromatic, savory coffee? These popular products on market are all from MAYORA enterprise in Indonesia.

MAYORA enterprise is one of the world-famous manufacturers of FMCG, whose major products include cookies, candies, chocolates, wafers, coffee and beverage drinks, sold all over the world. Its tea and coffee drink had been franticly favored to all customers immediately since it was only its promotion stage. In every corner of Indonesia, whether in supermarket in downtown or grocery convenience stores by the roadside, MAYORA’s tea and coffee drink always have its big shelves, and have become the first choice in Indonesian.

It has been 5 years since Newamstar started assisting MAYORA Enterprise. With further cooperation of two sides, our relationship has been elevated from the partnership to all-weather strategic partnership.

MAYORA’s operating management department has rich experience in FMCG industry. But they never take things lightly. They hold a prudent, modest and steady attitude towards every new product and new project, which shows how strictly an international reputed enterprise operates and evaluates the long-term strategies. On the terms of choosing a supplier of high-speed hot-filling BFC Combibloc production lines, MAYORA’s operation management department did a comprehensive evaluation and thorough research of each candidate’s technologies, general capacities, reputation, performance of the whole production lines, after sale service and other aspects. During this period, MAYORA had studied and valued Newamstar and our customers’ sites many times for the actual performance of BFC Combibloc production lines. Also there were some pervasive communication and discussion. But Newamstar’s sturdy quality, advanced R&D abilities and thoughtful after sale services, had impressed MAYORA’s team deeply. After multi rigorous and sophisticated comparison, Newamstar all and was honored to undertake turn-key project for MAYORA. The following check upon delivery of the BFC Combibloc production line went smoothly by installing and examining perfectly on scene just on our first try without any repeated work, which was highly appreciated by MAYORA’s team. So far, only for the high-speed hot-filling BFC Combibloc lines and along with matched beverage processing systems, MAYORA has already ordered 6 sets.

Indonesian market has a prosperous and promising future. MAYORA, as the tycoon in all industries, will also ride on. And Newamstar will support MAYORA to approach for a higher level as always.